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☠Ravy Ravミ☆
27 October 2011 @ 01:24 am
So I managed to get my aunt mad at me again in the most amazing fashion. She does something dicky, yet... I'm the bad guy for getting mad. This turn of events always amazes me...but it's been a year since the last time she's throw a tantrum and stopped speaking to my family, so I guess we were about due for another round. :oa Anyway, my aunt in her usual selfish fashion decides to send her kid to my house, without telling me he's coming or that he's going to be staying for a long time. So here's this little boy, randomly knocking on my door...and inviting himself into my apartment... I ask him why he's getting comfortable on my couch, and he tells me his mom told him to stay over.

See? It's funny how she acts like this is her home... and apparently believes she can just invite herself or anyone she knows to just.. come over. Needless to say I went off on her for this pure display of dickery and now she's not speaking to me or my mother (not sure why she's taking it out on my mom to, but whatever). Now having her kid over isn't a problem. I don't mind him, it was the complete lack of permission that's bugging me. Also? She didn't even know if I was home or not... what if something happened to him on the way and I didn't know he was coming? She'd think he's safe with me and I'd think he's at home. ... I wish I had thought about that when I was yelling at her, then I could scream at her to about her lack of responsibility as a mother. Just...ugh. That woman and her selfishness get on my last nerve and it wasn't like she had an emergency and just HAD to drop him off. She was home... laying in bed. Doing nothing. She just wanted the house to herself ~_~ What...the... hell? Even if it's for a lame reason like this... YOU CALL ME FIRST! Logic people LOGIC!

So if this not talking to me thing is supposed to be a guilt trip? It's not a very good one.
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☠Ravy Ravミ☆
15 October 2011 @ 04:43 am
So, September as usual has proved itself to be a stressful month but now it's spreading into October as well! Just to sum a few things up, my mother has suffered from a thyroid for awhile now and finally she decided to have it removed. So in order to shrink it down she's been on a new medication that causes her to start menopause early... joy. She's been more of a beast than usual. I have a new pet/house sitting job that has been keeping me out of the house for weeks at a time, which is good and bad. Good because it gets me away from the beast and bad because the person I sit for has a giant puppy that cries and whines all night because she'll miss her master. It's insanely annoying and on top of it she wants to follow you EVERYWHERE. I can't even take a show without this dog trying to climb in the tub with me. =_O On top of that lately my cat has been very sick (coincidentally, she has a thyroid to...) and I've been having to leave her home a lot and can't take her to the vet as often as I'd like to. So of course mom has been bringing up the suggestion of putting her down before she gets so sick that it's expensive. :/ But, she's still pretty spry for an old cat and she isn't in any pain so that suggestion is out, and luckily mom hasn't really been pushing the idea.

Anyway, things really started getting annoying when a pet sitting job that was only supposed to last 2 days turned into 2 weeks. *Sighs* I'd rather not get into how that happened since it's really long and annoying to write out and I'm not really in the mood to do all that. Really, I haven't been in the mood to do much of anything. Writing, gaming, hell even rping has become more of a chore. I don't think I have much of a muse anymore, and it's come to the point that even looking at my tags gives me a headache. So I've been taking a break... a break that has also been going on since that dog sitting job. This was about a week ago, so this is the first week in awhile I've spent at home.

I thought once I got home I'd feel better. Maybe it was just homesickness or something. Nope. The day before I get to go back home, my best friend calls me in tears and tells me her dad has passed away. Which was heartbreaking to hear even if he wasn't my dad he was still a great guy and always great to me and the rest of our friends. I wanted to go to the funeral but mom's surgery which scheduled on the same day so of course I had to go to that... or so I thought. Apparently mom didn't want me to see her in the hospital (I suspect it's because she didn't want me to see her scared. This was her first time under a knife and all.) and insisted I go to the funeral with Kyte. I was pretty upset about not going and tried to tell her I'd be fine going, but once she sets her mind on something there is little one can do. So I stayed up all night the evening before to make sure I at least got to see her off before her girlfriend drove her there.

This wasn't the best of ideas since I was pretty tired by morning and kept deliriously fussing over my outfit. It wasn't a vain thing though, it was a... what can I wear that wont be offensive. Idk why I thought anything as long as it was black would considered offensive,... I blame it on the lack of sleep. I nitpicked about 10 outfits for about 2 hours not wanting to walk into that room full of grieving Laus and cause anymore discomfort than I was probably already going to cause by being the only non-Asian in the room.

There was also the fact that I didn't really know where the place was, which I thought wouldn't be a problem since mom's girl friend said she'd drop me off after she dropped my mom off... The bitch lied. Thank God for the internet. I was late, but luckily not too late since the trains run best around that time of day and my non-Asian-ness seemed to cause more amusement than discomfort since I started messing things up from the start. First I didn't know you needed to bow at the coffin, then I didn't know just how many times you needed to bow. The funeral directors tried to instruct me... but they were trying to... in Chinese. So after a few minutes of them loudly whispering "BOW BOW!" but not telling me how many times, Kyte finally blurts out "THREE!"

I was a little worried that she'd be crying when she spoke. but apparently my confusion made her laugh. So, that was a plus. She seemed worried about not crying, but I tried to tell her it was okay. I sat behind her the whole time and burned some paper money for her father to spend in the after life. I planned to go to the hospital to see my mom when she woke up... but again... the girl friend decides it's too hard to find parking by the Hospital so she doesn't want to pick me up cuz she doesn't want to lose her spot. I wanted to call her and curse her out, but I didn't want to leave Kyte. So I harassed the bitch until she told me the address of the hospital with plans to get there by train. Of course by the time I got the damn address out of her it was time for the burial. I had wanted to get to the hospital before mom woke up, but I was already in queens by the time I knew where mom was. I was pretty pissed about them keeping the address from me, but I also was glad to be there for my friend and in the end I finally DID get to the hospital and Kyte came with me.

Mom didn't seem upset to see me there, not that it would of mattered. I was already there and mom tried to passive aggressively suggest that I leave early, but it didn't work -.o.

Sooo that's been my last 3 weeks, but it's far from over since now mom needs 3 weeks to recover. Which she was supposed to spend at Mel's place, but apparently mom got into a fight with Mel... so now mom is throwing a fit about wanting to come home. Wont tell me what the fight was about or why she's throwing a fit at 1 in the morning, but eh... So I have only a few hours in the morning to get her bedroom completely clean so she doesn't get an infection. I'll have to get the rest of the house later since I don't really know when she plans to come home. Just that she wants to come home soon as possible.

Oh well, hopefully getting this all written out will clear my head up a bit. Now to get this damn cleaning done with.

R.I.P. Mr. Lau.
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☠Ravy Ravミ☆
26 September 2011 @ 05:34 pm
So it comes as no surprise that fevers can cause weird dreams, but oh man... this was just... Imma write this bucket of crazy down before I forget it.

So, it starts normal enough, I'm playing video games... in a pet store, but it's like Tron so I get pulled into the game only it's not just a game, it takes you back in time... Yeah, idk apparently I did that by mistake and when I came out of the game I was in someone's house and Ron Weasley was in the room... and I came back as Harry Potter. But not the movie one, the Potter musical ones. You know, like the new guy on Glee? Only Ron was the one from the Harry Potter movies, oh and Hermione was there to! She was also from the movies... I... was totally okay with this and not questioning a thing.

Anyway, Ron and I are trying to figure out how to travel in time again because apparently the game moves to different places when you travel in time and we wanted out of that place before Hermione came and started nagging at us about irresponsible magic and all that boring shit. Sooooo to keep her out of the room we cast that spell that makes muggles wander away from magical stuff by making them think they left a pot roast in the oven... shut up that spell totally exist. Apparently we thought it would work best on her because she's muggleborn. ...I guess we were slightly racist version of Harry and Ron to.

Well, the spell did work, but she kept coming back, because she's all smart and... stuff. I don't know man IT WAS A DREAM STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO SERIOUS. Anyway, every time she came back she was getting a little closer to the room with the time machine, until eventually she got in the room and started NAGGING and trying to break it! What a bitch... this is why we were trying to leave her out of our awesome time traveling.

I dunno how but eventually we got her out of the room when she tried to tip a giant bookshelf over on top of the time machine... video game and... virtual puppy maker...No, seriously, it made virtual puppies to. This machine was seriously awesome. Why you gotta hate Hermione? Anyhoo, we get her out and this awesome machine is more complicated now than it was in the pet store and Ron is no help. He's just sittin' back and eating red vines AND NOT SHARING.

So I get a text in the break, of course it's from Hermione, that total buzz kill... it says "Here, now you have a text." Apparently shes trying to distract my time traveling progress with nonsensical text messages. So I text back...
Hermmy: Not until you replace the Flux capacitor.
Me: Bitch just go make the pot roast!
Hermmy: Im too busy trying to tame this damn egret.

...And this about the time I woke up... and realized I wasn't texting in my dream... I was actually text with Mew. I had wondered why Hermione was being so helpful all the sudden and trying to remind me about all time machines and their flux capacitors....

Moral of the story? Don't tell Hermione about your time machine/video game/virtual puppy maker and fevers make awesome dreams... also don't fall asleep with your cell phone on your bed.
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☠Ravy Ravミ☆
15 September 2011 @ 04:22 am
Snagged from fuckyeahfish:

Sex faces, Luke fon Fabre style.Collapse )
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☠Ravy Ravミ☆
28 August 2011 @ 06:15 pm
Oooowww XDDD

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